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Are you over 40 and concerned about how you're aging?

If you're over 40 and struggling with stubborn fat, low energy, joint pain, thinning skin, mood swings, brain fog or decreased libido, it's not your fault.  These are some of the unpleasant symptoms of aging and changing hormones. The good news is that with the right type of exercise, nutrition strategy and behavior changes, you can manipulate your hormones naturally, to turn things around and feel, look and perform better than you have in years. Let me show you how my method works with my 8 Weeks 8 Habits Redefining Aging Program.


The 8 WEEKS 8 HABITS PROGRAM uses a multi-faceted method (including activating autophagy and naturally induced Human Growth Hormone) to address the symptoms of aging including insulin resistance, high levels of inflammation, weight gain, joint pain, low energy, difficulty sleeping, low libido, thinning skin, cognitive decline and more. It is a combination of cutting edge psychology, a specific exercise protocol and nutrition strategy grounded in science and thirty years of experience in the fitness industry.

" I have been shocked at how easy this program is to follow! I've seen results faster than I ever expected!" - Natalie Tease, Alabama, U.S.A.


It is a comprehensive and WHOLE-istic approach to slow down the aging process, optimise non-reproductive hormones, manage body composition, restore energy and help you rediscover the JOY of living.

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