Redefining aging
one habit at a time

Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with the
8 Weeks 8 Habits Program
Over 40 And dealing with stubborn fat, low energy, and other aging symptoms?

You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.
Marsha Hughes (Holistic Coach)
Nutrition Coach | Personal Trainer | Behavior Change Specialist | Anti-Aging Expert

Discover the power of our 8 Weeks 8 Habits Redefining Aging Program. With a science-backed exercise protocol, proven nutrition strategy, and sustainable behavior changes, you can naturally manage your hormones and reclaim control of your body and life.


8 Weeks 8 Habits Program Highlights

Lose Stubborn Fat

Restore Energy

Improve Skin Texture

Elevate Libido

Increase Tone & Definition

Boost Self-Confidence

Ready to turn back the clock?

Join me and rediscover the joy of living with vitality.


“At 55 I’m more confident and leaner than I was in my 30’s and 40’s! With way less exercise! I finally have the recipe!”

Program Results

Client: Trish
Program: 8 Weeks 8 Habits | Guidance
Client: Debbi
Country: USA
Program: 8 Weeks 8 Habits | All The Way
Barbados, West Indies