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We all know how good intentions go! Everyday waking up thinking "This is the day!" to start exercising, eat better, drink more water, go to bed earlier, consume less alcohol - you know what I'm talking about don't you? Making better choices, changing habits.

If you've been meaning to make changes in your 20's, your 30's, your 40's and are now in your 50's, don't put it off any longer. At this point it's less about "looking" better, more about "living" better and mostly about simply "living"! This is the age where monsters lurk in the corners  - consequences. Taking care of us means we can take care of others and not become a liability ourselves.


Ask yourself what kind of quality of life do you want to have as you head into the second half of your life? Is it time to have your Day One? You have to start there.  Let me help with my 8 Weeks 8 Habits Mid-Life Program.

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