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Why You Should Naturally Boost Your Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone is touted as the "Fountain of Youth" hormone. It's abundant when we're young and diminishes with age. Why is it so important ?

1. Elevates fat burning.

HGH increases your metabolism and cell turnover, thereby upping your body's energy demands.

2. Grows muscle.

It preserves and makes it easier to grow muscle even as we age. More muscle means more strength, less fat and a higher metabolism. Muscle also protects you from injury because it builds and strengthens bones and tendons, which helps prevent broken bones and tendon sprains and tears.

3. Speeds recovery.

After a challenging workout, muscles breakdown and need to be rebuilt. This is part of why you feel sore after a tough session. The recovery process is faster when HGH levels are high, so you feel sore for less time so you're ready earlier for your next challenge!

4. Reduces wrinkles.

As you age the skin loses collagen and elasticity and thins. That's why we develop wrinkles. HGH increases collagen production and makes your skin thicker. It's a natural way to improve your skin and look younger!

5. Increases insulin sensitivity.

One of the reasons it becomes harder to lose fat and easier to gain it as we get older, is because of insulin insensitivity. Basically this means that it takes more and more insulin to convert sugar to energy, and we become fat storing, instead of fat burning, machines. HGH has a way of making our bodies more sensitive to insulin. The more sensitive we are, the easier it is to lose fat.

How do we make our bodies produce more HGH?

Through a specific type of exercise and nutrition protocol it is possible to increase your HGH by up to 1200%! This is huge and once you start increasing HGH levels, you can begin to see results right away. Contact me for more information about my 8 Weeks 8 Habits Program if you're interested in learning more, and transforming YOU. xo

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Hello. I’m very interested in hearing about this program and the science behind it. Actually have been sourcing information about HGH.

Marsha Hughes
Marsha Hughes
05 avr. 2022
En réponse à

Hi Joan, Apologies on the delay in responding - I just launched this site and have been ironing out the wrinkles. My 8 Weeks 8 Habits Program boosts HGH based on the SPRINT8 protocol amplified with a specific nutrition strategy, stress management good sleep hygiene and more. The program covers HGH, insulin, ghrelin, leptin and cortisol rebalance. 😀

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