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An 8 week hormone rebalancing program for active people in their late forties or fifties, who are struggling to lose weight, suffering from cravings, bloating, joint stiffness, lethargy, thinning skin, loss of libido and feeling frustrated. You can expect to lose fat, become leaner and stronger, develop better eating habits, learn stress management techniques, improve sleep quality and more.


If you are an independent person who prefers to workout with minimum supervision, but still needs accountability and support, this option is perfect for you! 


Includes a downloadable PDF BLUEPRINT with step by step instructions and 8 sessions (30 MINUTES each)  of one-on-one realtime coaching with Marsha via zoom. 


  • Immediately on purchase you will receive a downloadable PDF which is your step-by-step guide to success.  It is broken into weekly MODULES containing lessons and associated action tasks.  We will meet once a week at your convenience for a 30 minute live coaching session on zoom.  The goal of the coaching is to provide clarity, motivation and accountability for each week.  At times I will also provide additional handouts and resources to help you on your journey to reclaiming you! 

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