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Just the program (the distillation of 30 years of fitness/nutrition/behaviour change experience in one place) -coaching separate at $50/session.  This is your FUNDAMENTAL INSTRUCTION GUIDE to lasting fat loss, increased energy, controlled cravings, glowing skin, better sleep and so much more.  A holistic approcah to managing your non-reproductive hormones responsible for body composition, hunger, stress, cravings and so much more. Live the other half of your life feeling better than ever.  Take control and start your DAY ONE today.  Big change begins with small habits. 


If you are someone who needs zero supervision and feels comfortable and motivated on their own, this is the option for you!


  • Upon purchase you will receive a link to a downloadable PDF.  This is your blueprint, your instruction manual for the next eight weeks.  Consider supplementing with real time coaching for additional guidance, accountability and motivation from Coach Marsha.  Available at $50/session on the webite or DM me!

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