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There are three PREMIUM PROGRAM options available - see below - PLUS - additional coaching session packages (8 or 4) if you feel you need more accountability and motivation.


Book a free consult to discover which PREMIUM PROGRAM

option is right for you.  

It's a 15-30 minute zoom/phone conversation

to assess your needs, readiness for change and next steps.




You can expect to become more mindful and self-aware, lose fat, experience improved skin texture, become leaner and stronger, develop better eating habits, manage stress, improve sleep quality and much more. You will walk away from this experience with a toolbox for life!  It as much about internal change as it is about external results.

Program Details:

Pre-program: How to Eat (Click HERE to sign up for your FREE copy)

Week 1: Set Up for Success

Week 2: When to Eat

Week 3: What to Eat

Week 4: Sleep Matters

Week 5: No Stress 

Week 6: Hydration Counts

Week 7: What About Joy

Week 8: Stay Motivated


Upon purchase you will immediately receive a PDF download (THE PROGRAM) which contains weekly learning lessons and associated action tasks.  At this point, I will also be in touch to welcome you and get you started with your first homework assignment - don't worry it's super easy! It's a strategy that you can begin from your very next meal.  

Next, we schedule your coaching sessions - the frequency will depend on the package you have chosen.  The coaching is done via zoom and provides accountability, motivation, additional support and in some cases, exercise supervision. You will also be invited to join a Private Facebook Group where members may interact with each as part of a supportive, ongoing community. Together we find ways to make your new behaviours (HABITS) as easy as possible for you to adopt.

Thanks for submitting!

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