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Cathy (USA)

"Marsha’s program is easy to follow and the 8 Habits are spot on!!!"

Nathalie (Canada)

Maria (Barbados)

“After many years of quick fix diets and yo yo weight loss/gain I finally found a program that works and has become a way of life. Thank you so much Coach Marsha!!!”

Charmaine (Barbados)

“Really enjoyed the program.  Marsha is an excellent coach and encourager.  The 8 habits really helped me to achieve my goals and I intend to implement them ongoing into my lifestyle - highly recommend!”

Triona (Ireland)

"Marsha, your program is GOLD. My body fat has dropped to 20% from 33%. My mood is better and my energy is great as a result. I was overdoing exercise before I met you and not seeing results.  I started out at 60 kg and only planned on losing 3 - 5 kg - instead I lost 9kg!!!"
Marsha Hughes Method. 8 Weeks 8 Habits


The 8 WEEKS HABITS Program is a comprehensive and WHOLE-istic approach to slow down the ageing process, optimise non-reproductive hormones, manage body composition, restore energy and help you rediscover the JOY of living.

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