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The MHM uses a multi-faceted approach to address the symptoms of aging - weight gain, thinning skin, joint pain, low energy, difficulty sleeping, cognitive decline and more. It is a combination of cutting edge psychology, exercise and nutrition guidance grounded in science and thirty years of experience in the fitness industry. 

8 WEEKS 8 HABITS is the first of a series of programs (to follow) using the MHM. It is outcome driven and collaborative so that you walk away with the tools and sense of empowerment necessary for lasting success.


The 8 WEEKS HABITS Program is a comprehensive and WHOLE-istic approach to slow down the aging process, optimise non-reproductive hormones, manage body composition, restore energy and help you rediscover the JOY of living. It targets naturally produced Human Growth Hormone (the fountain of youth hormone) via a specific exercise and nutrition protocol, sleep and stress management techniques and other simple but powerful habit-based strategies. There are three options available. 

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